Reading, one of my passion

Posted on 29 June, 2011


Kid, there’s one more thing u should know about me : I loooveee reading.
What books? U name it. Comics, thriller, drama, education, humor, horror, magazine, religion, science fiction, biography.. a n y t h i n g

When I was kid, your grandfather gives me tons of comics: tintin, chevalier ardent, tanguy n laverdure, smurf, etc. And don’t forget about the biggest writer: enyd blyton with: si badung, lima sekawan, sapta siaga, malory towers series, etc
And that’s not enough so I usually go to Gramedia, and read some books till security remind me that the store must close. Hehehe…

I learned many thing by reading. I hope you likes reading too, since your mother love it too…

Maybe one day we can read book together. Mis u son

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